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Looking for custom parts manufacturing? Optimized EDM is a professional Wire EDM shop specializing in turning R&D jobs into low cost quick turn production runs.

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EDM custom part machining

Most manufacturing applications for Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) already exist, but they are merely waiting to be discovered and implemented. As this occurs, the increased use of EDM in manufacturing will continue to grow and diversify at an accelerated rate through a combination of necessity and imagination.

Necessity will drive it because as newer and more exotic materials are developed, conventional machining operations will continue to reach their limitations. In manufacturing, there will always be a need or necessity to "find a better way" to make something. Electrical Discharge Machining has a great deal to offer in this quest.

Imagination will fuel the process by providing the ability to design tools and parts that previously weren't possible or cost-effective by any other method. The prospect of machining complex shapes in hardened or exotic materials to burr-free, split-tenth accuracies will continue to attract engineers and designers who are seeking an alternative solution to "traditional" methods.

machine shop specializing in custom parts

Optimized EDM is ground zero for Silicon Valley's precision Wire EDM requirements. We specialize in close tolerance, fine finish Electrical Discharge Machining for all applications including Medical/Surgical Instruments, Hi-Tech (Disk Drive, Semiconductor Tooling etc.), Aerospace Parts, Industrial Machines, Stamping Dies/Punches and Injection Mold Components.

Superb quality and quick turnaround is our key to securing your company as our customer. It is our goal and commitment to meet your companies EDM requirements.

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