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...from one day quick-turn to lights-out production capabilities.

Optimized EDM is ground zero for Silicon Valley's precision Wire EDM requirements.
We specialize in close tolerance, fine finish Electrical Discharge Machining for all applications including:

  • Medical/Surgical Instruments
  • High-Tech (Flexures, Disk Drive, Semiconductor Tooling etc.)
  • Aerospace Parts
  • Industrial Machines
  • Stamping Dies/Punches
  • Injection Mold Components

Superb quality and quick turnaround is our key to securing your company as our customer. It is our goal and commitment to meet your companies EDM requirements.

Please use our site to learn more about our company and the EDM process.

Top-Quality Machine Shop in Santa Clara, CA

When you need precisely crafted and cost-effective parts for your business or practice, turn to our machine shop in Santa Clara, CA. We have extensive experience with EDM and custom industrial manufacturing and can design and build almost anything you need from precise custom surgical equipment to parts for complex machinery and equipment.

The Importance of Turning to a Qualified Machinist

Precision is incredibly important when it comes to manufacturing custom machined parts. In addition to many years of experience, we use some of the most dependable tooling setups and technology available to ensure the highest quality products for your company. Our machine shop uses System 3R tooling because it allows minimal setup times, the highest accuracy available, and peak efficiency. When you need parts for custom surgical equipment, flexures for high tech, aerospace parts, splines and gears for industrial machines, stamping dies, or injection mold components, rely on our experience and the precision of our cutting-edge equipment.

Get a Price Quote from Our Team

Whether you need one part or many thousands, we have the capability to produce your wire EDM requirements. Reach out to our team today to discuss your needs, place an order, or get a quote for your custom parts order.

Contact us to place an order for custom machined products. Our machine shop proudly serves clients throughout the Silicon Valley area and beyond.