Why EDM?

Realize the Potential

Most manufacturing applications for EDM already exist, but they are waiting to be discovered and implemented. As this occurs, the increased use of EDM in manufacturing will continue to grow and diversify at an accelerated rate through a combination of necessity and imagination.

Necessity will drive this trend because as newer and more exotic materials are developed, conventional machining operations will begin to reach their limitations. In manufacturing, there will always be a necessity to "find a better way" to make something; EDM has a great deal to offer in this regard.

Imagination will fuel the process by providing the ability to design tools and parts that previously weren't possible or cost-effective by any other method. The prospect of machining complex shapes in hardened or exotic materials to burr-free, split-tenth accuracies will continue to attract engineers and designers who are seeking an alternative solution to "traditional" methods.

Machine Shop in Santa Clara, CA, Specializing in EDM

When you need precise, reliable, and consistent parts made for custom medical equipment or other applications, get in touch with our machine shop in Santa Clara, CA. We have the skills and capabilities to create virtually any machine part or custom piece of equipment using an incredibly precise and effective machining method called electric discharge machining. During this type of machining, our skilled technicians use electric discharge or sparks to shape machine parts, prototype technology, or other materials into whatever you need. Whether you need custom medical equipment for your clinic or precise machine parts for your manufacturing plant, we have the skills necessary to help you.

Why is Electric Discharge Manufacturing Beneficial?

EDM is commonly used for very small or complex shaped machine parts that would be difficult to manufacture using standard cutting tools. EDM offers many benefits over traditional cutting tools including:

  • Able to Manufacture Very Small or Delicate Pieces that Traditional Cutting would Break or Damage
  • No Contact Between Your Product and the Cutting Mechanism, Allowing for Cleaner, More Precise Cuts
  • Very Fine Holes Can be Cut
  • Precise Tapered Holes Can be Produced
  • Less Chance of Flaws or Inefficiency in the Finished Product
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